Alstom Inspection Robotics AG

Short description of the organisation

ALSTOM Inspection Robotics Ltd (AIR) is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) set up as a joint venture between ALSTOM (Switzerland) Ltd and ETHZ.

AIR provides operators of large-scale industrial facilities such as power plants and refineries with tailored mobile inspection robots enabling them to minimize outages and maintenance times, and enhance environmental and workplace safety.

AIR was founded in late 2006 and has started operation in January 2007. The company, having 16 employees at the moment, is continuously growing with the industrialization and deployment of ETHZ/EPFL and Alstom research results.

Role in the project and main tasks

AIR provides the know how in the field of industrial flying robotic inspections. AIR will provide practical industrial scenarios for a possible future application of the ARCAS system as the basis for the system specification. AIR will further focus on system testing providing representive mock-up environments and robotic mock-up systems and on the industrial dissemination of the project results.

Relevant previous experience

AIR Alstom Inspection Robotics is the prime mover in the field of robotic inspection based on autonomous mobile robotic systems and has secured its position by patenting the strategic technology in the field of power generating industry, oil & gas up-/mid-/down stream facilities and maritime industry. AIR has started to use flying inspections systems for the visual inspection of oil-/gas facilities and is project partner in the EU Project AIRobots.

Key publications related to role in the project

Various internal reports and documentations related to flying inspection.