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Short description of the organisation

Established in 1967, Laboratoire d'Analyse et d'Architecture des Systèmes (LAAS) is a laboratory of CNRS, the French National Organisation for Scientific Research. LAAS has a permanent staff of over 320, together with (on average) 260 doctorate students. Research at LAAS covers Automatic Control, Computer Science and Engineering, and Microelectronics. The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Department, the largest in France (25 staff, 50 PhD students, and 7 postdocs), is active in research on intelligent and autonomous robotic systems.

Role in the project and main tasks

CNRS-LAAS brings to ARCAS his competence in task and motion planning and more generally in decisional issues involved in multi-robot operation. More precisely, LAAS will lead WP6 and will also contribute substantially to WP2, 7 and 8. Its role in the project is focussed on the development of methods for planning multi-robot motion and manipulation taking into account the specific constraints of aerial robots. CNRS-LAAS will also contribute to the design of the overall architecture and the identification of the decisional processes (autonomous or based on mixed initiative) in the ARCAS framework.

Relevant previous experience

CNRS-LAAS has solid competence and has contributed substantially to Motion and Task Planning (including multi-robot motion planning, assembly planning, grasping and manipulation), Symbolic and hybrid Task planning, Robot Control Architectures and Software tools for programming and deploying multi-robot systems. CNRS-LAAS has also confirmed experience in participation and coordination of International, European or National collaborative projects.

Key publications related to role in the project

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