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Prof Bruno Siciliano, from the University of Naples, has received the prestigious Guido Dorso Award, which recognizes every year those fellows who have contributed with their work to support the needs of development  and progress of Southern Italy. Distinguished fellows from the political, economic and cultural world received the award in the past years, including two Nobel prizes. The ceremony was held last 15th October 2015 in the Senate of the Republic of Rome by the Rector of the University of Naples Federico II, Prof Gaetano Manfredi. You can see more information here.

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The ARCAS and AEROARMS projects had a joint booth in IROS 2015.

In the booth, DLR exhibited the Flettner helicopter with a KUKA LWR arm and the University of Seville a multi-rotor system with two four degrees of freedom arms. We also had three screens where the general ARCAS video and other videos provided by partners were displayed. In addition, we exhibited both ARCAS and AEROARMS posters.

IROS 2015 had 2541 registrations and many of the attendants visited the booth in the 6 days exhibition.

Moreover, the ARCAS project had 6 presentations in the IROS Sessions.

It was a great dissemination event for both projects.

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A very interesting report about the ARCOW project was broadcast in Spanish RN5 station. Watch it as video here: project (Aerial Robot Co-Worker in Plant Servicing) will research on the use of aerial robots for logistic tasks indoor. This kind of aerial robots may contribute to the implementation of the automatisation processes, providing important characteristics such as flexibility, short-time answer and the capacity to perform different tasks depending on requirements.

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Prof Anibal Ollero was interviewed on Spanish TV. UAVs development and future possibilities are discussed. Watch the complete video here:

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Next Tuesday, 26th May, 2015, the workshop "Aerial Robotics Manipulation and Load Transportation" will be held during the ICRA 2015 Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA.Focusing on these two relevant functionalities of aerial robots, the agenda is packed with the latests advances in the field by top-class researchers from around the world.

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Read the updated information about ARCAS in the Digital Agenda for Europe blog:

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Read the compelling article about ARCAS in the November 2014 issue of the European Commission RESEARCH*EU magazine. Please, download the reduced version from the link below, or get the full version from the EC server here.

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Next Tuesday, 26th May, 2015, the workshop "Aerial Robotics Manipulation and Load Transportation" will be held during the ICRA 2015 Conference in Seattle, Washington, USA.The URL with the programme will be available in the next days.

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A new workshop related to the research carried out in the ARCAS project is scheduled for next March 11th during the next European Robotics Forum 2015 (ERF2015), which will be held in Vienna - Austria. Please, download the attached program in PDF from the link below or visit

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Prof. Bruno Siciliano is the recipient of the 2015 IEEE RAS George Saridis Leadership Award in Robotics and Automation for his outstanding leadership in the robotics and automation community as a research innovator, an inspired educator, a dedicated contributor of professional service, an ambassador of science and technology. Congratulations from the whole ARCAS team!!!

Further information about Prof Bruno Siciliano can be obtained from his personal webpage: