Publishable Resources

Date Title Media Link to source Documents
02/12/2014 D9.5.3 Dissemination Report Public deliverables ARCAS-DEL-d9_5_3-pu.rar
02/12/2014 Press Release Period 3 PDF document PressNewsY3_compiled.rar
02/12/2014 D3.3 Fast 3D-model generation for mission planning and execution and object tracking Public deliverables ARCAS-DEL-d3_3-pu.rar
27/11/2014 D5.1 Methods for coordination and control of multiple flying robots with manipulators Public deliverables ARCAS-DEL-d5_1-pu.rar
27/11/2014 D8.1 Preparation of scenarios and experiments Public deliverables ARCAS-DEL-d8_1-pu.rar
26/11/2014 Newsletter #2 Public resources arcas-NLT-d09_02-pu.rar
02/11/2014 D4.2 Control laws Public deliverables arcas-DEL-d4_2-pu.rar
11/08/2014 D4.3 Control systems for flying robots equipped with manipulators Public Deliverables arcas-DEL-d4_3-pu.rar
27/05/2014 D3.2 Range-only SLAM for structural assembly Public deliverables arcas-DEL-d3_2-pu.rar
27/05/2014 D6.2 Safe coordinated trajectories Public deliverables arcas-DEL-d6_2-pu.rar