Spacetech GmbH

Short description of the organisation

SpaceTech GmbH (STI) is a German SME working in the field of space applications. STI develops satellite systems and has been involved the last years in the German space robotics and exploration programmes. The company has personnel with expertise in guidance, navigation, attitude and orbit control of satellites, as well as in rendezvous of spacecraft, berthing of spacecraft by robotic systems and docking. STI is the ideal partner for the space application related part of the robotics cooperative assembly system.

The experiences of the employees range from national and international Phase A studies, preliminary and detailed design phases, hardware manufacturing, assembly, integration and verification to the supervision of operations of scientific and Earth observation missions as CHAMP, GRACE, Cluster, Envisat, TerraSAR-X, Argo, LEO and DEOS.

Role in the project and main tasks

STI is responsible for the space application related tasks in the project. This includes the development of the control algorithms and dynamic simulations of the robotic satellite’s AOCS, the definition of the interfaces of the satellite and manipulator system control algorithms, the coordination of integration of the manipulator system control into the overall simulation environment, the integration of the simulation algorithms into the DLR realtime simulation environment and the execution of the relevant simulations.

Relevant previous experience

STI was in 2009 as main contractor to DLR agency responsible for the DEOS (Deutsche Orbitale Servicing Mission) Phase A. The main goals of the mission are the rendezvous to and capturing of a tumbling satellite by a manipulator system, and the demonstration of the capability of controlled de-orbiting and re-entry of the coupled configuration consisting of the chaser and the target spacecraft. STI developed the overall simulation environment for this mission. In addition STI started with the design of a small satellite platform that is prepared for robotic payload applications with financial support of the DLR agency.

Key publications related to role in the project

  • Naumann W., Lampen M. Deutsche Orbitale Servicing Mission (DEOS) – Abschlussbericht. Published at TIB Hannover, 10.3. 2009