Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II


Short description of the organisation

The Research Unit UNINA operates in the Department of Systems and Computer Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II, where since more than twenty-five years is committed to research in robotics and automation. Since 1994 is active the PRISMA Lab (Projects of Robotics for Industry and Services, Mechatronics and Automation). The research group has obtained important results in different fields of robotics and control of mechatronic systems, including force control, visual servoing, redundant manipulators, lightweight flexible arms, dynamic parameter identification, dual-arm/hand manipulation, human-robot interaction, service robotics. UNINA will be supported by the researchers of two third parties at Università degli Studi di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale (UNICAS) and Università degli Studi della Basilicata (UNIBAS).

Role in the project and main tasks

The role of UNINA in the project is focused on the design and implementation of advanced control algorithms making use of visual and force sensing for manipulation (interaction and visual-force control) as well as for some aspects of navigation (e.g. pose stabilization, coordination). UNINA is also responsible of the dissemination for the entire project.

Relevant previous experience

UNINA is internationally recognized for its scientific contributions to the field, as well as for its leading national role in technology transfer from academia to industry. The group has a track record of successful cooperative research projects, both on a European and a national level. Most relevant is its role as the coordinator of the large-scale integrating project DEXMART. UNINA is an active key participant in the specific target research project AIRobots, as well as in the large-scale integrating projects ECHORD and SAPHARI, and the coordination and support action euRobotics. In the recent past, it has also contributed to the specific target research project PHRIENDS, as well as to the network of excellence EURON and to the coordination action ETHICBOTS.

Key publications related to role in the project

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  • B. Siciliano, L. Villani, Robot Force Control, Kluwer Academic Publishers International Series in Engineering and Computer Science 540, Boston, MA, 1999.
  • V. Lippiello, B. Siciliano, L. Villani, "Interaction Control of Robot Manipulators Using Force and Vision", International Journal of Optomechatronics, 2 (3), 2008.

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